Date: 16th June 2016
Aluglass Facing
Description Foil-Fiberglass-Cloth Facing is a single-sided foil facing. It is comprised of aluminum foil bonded to fiberglass-cloth with a patent type adhesive. It has the function of preventing water vapor,Website:http://www.unitedglasswool.com, proofing mildew and reducing the heat conduction. It is intended for use as facing of glass wool blankets, glass wool boards, rock wool and rubber foam. It is also use at the field of air duct systems and fire shutter.AVAILABLE FORMS Small Roll Jumbo RollAdvantage Simple construction, energy saving Aluminum backing provides excellent reflection of both heat and light. High quality adhesive with super strong adhesion and holding power offers reliable and durable Low moisture vapor transmission Fireproof material ?APPLICATIONSUsed as the thermal insulation material on Roof,?wall,?floor,?tank,?vessel,?air conditioner, heat supply pipes or construction materials for the purpose of fire-retarding, anti-corrosion, heat protection and sound abortion.