Date: 16th June 2016
Formaldehyde-Free Glass Wool Board
Description Non-formaldehyde glass wool board has rigidity and semi-rigidity. It is made by bonding inorganic glass fiber together with heat convertible resin,Website:http://www.unitedglasswool.com, which can be applied in all kinds of specially-made building siding, especially in the case that soft thermal insulation material could not be used.AVAILABLE FORMS Preservation for steel structure building HVAC system?thermal insulation of air pipe.?Sound absorption. Deadening treatment of recreational places, cinemas, theaters, TV stations, broadcast stations and laboratoriesAdvantage?Environment and friendly Lightweight & easy to install Excellent thermal properties Stable chemical properties Excellent acoustic noise reductionCost-effectiveTHERMAL PERFORMANCE Test according to ASTM C518 at 23?C. Thermal conductivity as low as 0.036?W/mKSound Absorption?PERFORMANCETested in accordance and comply with ASTM C 423fire-resistant property B.S. 476: Part 4 Non-combustibility test for materials B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flame ASTM E84Usage Preservation for steel structure building Sound absorption, cinemas, theaters, TV stations, broadcast stations and laboratories?Formaldehyde-Free Glass Wool board DataProducts Density Width Thickness Conductivity Code (kg/m3) (mm) (mm) (W/m.k) UI ECOR?48050481200500.037UI ECOR?48075481200750.037UI ECOR?64030641200300.035UI ECOR?64050641200500.035UI ECOR?96025961200250.035UI ECOR?96050961200500.035Note? Roll length?is customized.Other more specification maybe available on consult.?Loading Quantity, consult us on line