Date: 17th June 2016
Pre Engineered Building Glass Wool
Description PEB (Pre-Engineered?Building) insulation glass wool is a lightweight,Website:http://www.unitedglasswool.com, strong, resilient and easy to handle flexible rolls or slabs of fiber glass wool composed by unique patented centrifugation technology, molten glass fibrosis and to be thermosetting resin-based environment-friendly recipe binder processing. There are many different?laminated insulation facing can be used according to requirements. Both of faced and un-faced glass wool rolls and slabs are the best insulation materials for Pre-Engineered Building.AVAILABLE FORMS Un-faced or Plain rolls and slabs are designed for PEB thermal and acoustical applications.Faced is available with Aluminum foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK), High strength polypropylene based & Aluminum Facing or other specific vapor barrier facings like (WMPVR, ULTIMATE WHITE)Advantage Excellent thermal properties Excellent acoustical performance Lightweight & Soft Easy and fast to install Cost-effectiveTHERMAL PERFORMANCETest according to ASTM C518 at 23?C. Thermal conductivity as low as 0.036 W/mKSound Absorption PERFORMANCETested in accordance and comply with ASTM C 423fire-resistant property B.S. 476: Part 4 Non-combustibility test for materials B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flameASTM E84APPLICATIONS PEB (Pre-Engineered?Building) insulation glass wool are widely used in construction of non-residential buildings, Energy efficiency, low noise pollution and fire safety are key requirements which determine the design of such buildings. Glass wool sandwich panels are the most convenient solution for meeting all of those requirements.pre-engineered Building Insulation glass wool ROLLS dataProducts Density Width Thickness Conductivity Code (kg/m3) (mm) (mm) (W/m.k) UI PEB 10 075 120101200750.042UI PEB 10 100 1201012001000.042UI PEB 12 075 120121200750.039UI PEB 12 100 1201212001000.039UI PEB 14 075 120141200750.037UI PEB 14 100 1201412001000.037UI PEB 16 075 120161200750.036UI PEB 16 100 1201612001000.036Note? 1.Roll length is customized. 2.Standard width is 1.2 meters. Other more specification maybe available on consult.pre-engineered Building Insulation glass wool SLABS dataProducts Density Width Thickness Conductivity Code (kg/m3) (mm) (mm) (W/m.k) UI PEB 24?075 600101200750.036UI PEB 24?100 6001012001000.036UI PEB 32?075 600121200750.035UI PEB 32100 6001212001000.035UI PEB 48075 600141200750.035UI PEB 48?100 6001412001000.035Note? 1.Slab size is customized. Other more specification maybe available on consult.