Date: 16th June 2016
R Value Glass Wool Batts
Description ?Residential R-Value glass wool Batts are adapting the advanced centrifugal blowing process,Website:http://www.unitedglasswool.com, are soft, fine, waterproof and fireproof with good rebound elasticity (veneering like reinforced aluminum foil can be applied), providing an ideal heat preservation and sound absorption material for steel structure constructions.AVAILABLE FORMS ?Un-faced or Plain batts. ?Faced is available with Aluminum foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK), High strength polypropylene based & Aluminum Facing or other specific vapor barrier facings like (WMPVR, ULTIMATE WHITE)Advantages ?-Lifelong energy savings ?-Exceptional acoustic properties ?-Lightweight & easy to handle ?-Long product life? ?-Less dusty and less itchy? ?-Non-corrosiveTHERMAL PERFORMANCE ?Test according to ASTM C518 at 23?C. Thermal conductivity as low as 0.032W/mKSound Absorption PERFORMANCE ?Tested in accordance and comply with ASTM C 423fire-resistant property ?B.S. 476: Part 4 Non-combustibility test for materials ?B.S. 476: Part 6 Fire propagation ?B.S. 476: Part 7 Surface spread of flameASTM E84applications ?Steel frame buildings ?Timber frame structures ?Dry wall systems ?Designed for use in cavity walls but may effectively be used on top of ceilings, along the roof line, or within masonry wall cavities.?R-VALUE glass wool batts Insulation Products DataFloor?and?Internal WallProductsLengthWidthThicknessR-ValueCode(mm)(mm)(mm)(m2.k/W)?hr?ft2??F/Btu?UI RBI ?0754301161160430751.59UI RBI ?0755801161160580751.59UI RBI??0756001201200600751.59External WallProductsLengthWidthThicknessR-ValueCode(mm)(mm)(mm)(m2.k/W)?hr?ft2??F/Btu?UI RBI ?904301161160430902.013UI RBI ?905801161160580902.013UI RBI ?906001201200600902.013Ceiling?and?AtticProductsLengthWidthThicknessR-ValueCode(mm)(mm)(mm)(m2.k/W)?hr?ft2??F/Btu?UI RBI ?18543011611604301853.519UI RBI ?18558011611605801853.519?UI RBI ?11060012012006001853.519Note? ?1.Special Specification is available on consult.? ?2.Packing is PE bags.???Loading Quantity, consult us on line.